Many businesses decide to invest in email marketing, but are usually first met by a common initial hurdle.

Researching and deciding the best Email Marketing Service (EMS) that best suits your needs can be confusing, difficult and overwhelming.

With so many options out there and features that can be hard to understand for a newcomer, some business owners throw in the towel before even getting started.

Yet while there are many different solutions out there, choosing one really doesn’t need to be that difficult.

When you gain an understanding of what’s out there, you’ll soon come to see that there…

Nobody cares about you, build awareness, and keep it clean

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When working with new clients at Symbios Growth Automation, I’ll often discover that they’ve been going about their email marketing strategy in a way that almost guarantees poor results.

I’ve been thinking about these common mistakes for a while, and what I’ve found is that these mistakes usually fall under what I can see as three broad categories of error. I’ve found that if you just follow a few simple guidelines, you can probably avoid these mistakes that frustrate so many business owners who are new to email marketing.

So I’ve put together three golden rules for anyone out there…

Funnel Magic

Funnel structure, using the right incentives, forming a narrative, and which tools to pick for the job

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Welcome back to Funnel Magic, where we’re learning how I used an email-based funnel to grow a service business’s monthly revenue +176% over 18 months with a +293% increase in Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

In the first part, we walked through some fundamentals. I covered how to think about improving the revenue for just about any business, and how to create a custom-built funnel to achieve just that. …

Funnel Magic

Asking the right questions, building a course MVP, and a two-week email launch sequence

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Welcome back to Funnel Magic! In this series, I’m walking through a case study of how I used an email-based funnel to grow a service business’ monthly revenue +176% over 18 months, with a +293% increase in Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

As you read, you’ll learn how and where you can incorporate funnels into your business. You’ll discover the exact ways funnels can add value (and where they don’t), and models for thinking about growing your business you may not have come across before.

In the previous essay of this series, I walked through a great tool to help plan…

Funnel Magic

Everything you need to know about validating, launching, and automating new products

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Welcome to Funnel Magic! In this series, I’ll walk you through every step of building a profitable, high-paying, email-based funnel for your business.

Everything we go through will be part of a broader case study to demonstrate exactly how funnels create massive value for your business. I’ll explain how I built author and consultant Taylor Pearson’s email marketing funnel to improve the economics of his business.

I did so by validating, launching and automating a new product that tripled Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and doubled revenue.

The results

  • +176% increase in monthly revenue over 18 months
  • +293% increase in CLV over 18…

A solution to walled gardens and platform risk

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Tim Wu’s 2011 book The Master Switch kicked off the decade prophetically.

Looking back into the history of information technologies, such as radio, telephone, and TV, Wu’s book revealed a consistent lifecycle underpinning all of them. Beginning as open and idealized, each new technology goes through a process that sees the development of major competing platforms, until the eventual monopolization by a dominant player.

Technology writer Ben Thompson details the business structure of these platforms in his excellent blog series Aggregation Theory. As we approach the end of the decade, it seems as though Wu was correct.

Everywhere I look…

Speaking to experienced entrepreneurs, they often seem to have a magic sense for whether a business idea will work based on some quick back-of-the-envelope calculations. When I first got started in marketing, this seemed like some sort of wizardry. How could you possibly know if a decent-sounding idea was going to be feasible so quickly?

For a long time, my understanding was if you had a new business idea, the best way to test it would be to take it through the lean validation gauntlet by validating the problem, market, product (by building an minimum viable product (MVP)) and willingness…

Acquisition, retention, and engagement — how to approach them

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In my experience, the majority of small business owners looking to get started with a digital marketing strategy get easily overwhelmed. And I don’t blame them.

There are so many buzzwords out there and different strategies and channels to worry about, it can seem like a whole new world. Worse still, many business owners get ‘shiny object’ syndrome from the hundreds of web gurus out there telling them: “if you’re not on X platform you won’t get results”, or “if you’re not using Y strategy you’re wasting your time”, etc.

An image like the following, while helpful for navigating the…

Hiring entry-level talent can be a daunting task. How do you balance affordability with the lack of experience entailed by someone applying for these sorts of positions? It can seem risky to bring someone into your company who doesn’t already have a lot to offer. This is especially true when you know you are going to need to spend time and resources training them, just for them to potentially leave for another company after not too long.

Decades ago, large corporations were more willing to bring in entry-level workers and spend resources training them, mostly because employee retainment timelines were…

When Taylor wrote The End of Jobs, he spoke about why apprenticeships are one of the best ways to learn entrepreneurship and thrive in the new economy.

After receiving dozens of emails from readers asking where to find apprenticeships, Taylor put together a simple landing page to collect emails of those interested in finding opportunities. He would occasionally stumble upon apprenticeships on Twitter and Facebook, and many of those readers looking for them simply didn’t have the network or connections to know they were available.

Around the time I started working with Taylor in 2016, and with the list steadily…

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