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We all aspire to be like someone. As it regards certain individuals, we may fixate on that person — consciously or subconsciously — for all our lives. That father, mother, mentor, teacher or hero is our Northstar. (“If I could just respond more like her when my kid acts up…” we might mumble). And then there are people that grace us with their presence a little more on the edges. We may not know them but whenever we encounter them, their character demands attention. The best of them don’t seek the attention, but their lives act as a model. A…

The brown and tan houses flecked the hillside. Sheep meandering and chewing outside the grove. You called to me and I answered with a smile.

You were sitting amidst the…

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Hidden Places

Lilacs of secret places.

Broken gate and tangled vines.

When I walked by I was

distracted by the jumbled clouds.

I almost missed you

there, sitting on the swing.

But I took your hand in

the supreme loneliness

and we went into it together.

All green, blue, beautiful, serene.

The conquering was the only

thing that we left behind.

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If I were in Times Square when Keaton walked out of the theater in his underwear, I would have been one of those people saying, “There’s Michael Keaton! There’s Batman!” IF this had actually happened to Keaton that is. But it didn’t. It happened to “Birdman”. To Riggan. But it just as well could have happened to Keaton. That’s the power of Birdman: the lines between the character of a play, the washed up actor from a series of past super-hero movies and the true life actor who represented an icon are so blurred that the poignancy is not just…

Your Company’s Story

Capturing hearts and minds, not just dollars, through video

I make a living telling stories. On film (well, on digital files really, but let’s not get into semantics). Yes, it is a lot of fun (the first comment I usually get when I tell people what I do). But it’s also a lot of work. When people think of making films, they probably think of the emotions they experience when they get caught up in a movie or maybe they think of some “behind the scenes/making of” videos that they’ve seen. At least that’s what I like to think they think about. There is something tantalizing and exciting…

In the absence of reality, the trees shook.

They laid down their leaves and lifted up their voices.

They joined with the chorus of the clouds, energized.

And the rolling, roiling textures suggested the deluge to come.

Climbing into the clearing above, she whispered.

(Lifting her voice she still remained …unheard).

Despite all its terror and threats, she knew

that wonder would be lost when it was gone.

A primer on what makes a film stand out as one of the greats

How do films create a spectacle so rich that they can catapult us into living our lives differently? The secret is actually more simple and obvious than at first may appear. There are at least three things that help to make a movie great: a clear story with believable conflict, good characters (who are relatable) and, third, attention to the details. When orchestrated properly, the three join together to create a concentration of sound and imagery that is nothing less than magical.

The classics are often, at their core, based on a simple story. Citizen Kane is…

Enraptured (Numbers 1-3)

There is light all ‘round

but it is good versus bad

in the great movies.

There are worlds inside

And many more worlds within,

at the cinema.

Where will they all go?

Will he make it to her now?

Look out behind you!

Joseph Campbell would be so proud

It’s not that it hasn’t occured to me before, but last night it all started to coalesce as I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Marvel is not just telling the story of their comic universe, they have been, and are, creating an entirely new one. A cinematic one. I have no idea how faithful this cinematic story is to the comic book one but it has fully pulled me in. And this from someone who was strictly a DC comics fan growing up. …

How movies awaken awe in us

The Power of Film

Years ago when the sequel to The Matrix was released in theaters, I made sure to pre-order my tickets for the 11:59 pm showing. My friends and I sat in the packed theater waiting for the long queue of coming attractions to finish. The large room let out a collective guffaw as an ill-timed preview for Legally Blonde 2 played on the screen. Then, finally, the movie began. And then a strange thing happened. I admit, it was a moment of pure geekery and over-exalted anticipation. The film that was based on people living their lives…

Matthew Seilback

Filmmaker, storyteller, movie lover

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