Identity + Creativity

Identity is everything. True creativity only exists in the presence of an understood identity. Understanding who you are can make or break you. Everything you do, everything you say, and everything you create should come from your identity.

Your identity defines your perspective. You see the world in ways that I never will, and that’s beautiful. Your personality and your experiences have made you into a person I could never dream to be.

Life is so beautiful and so complex… We live in moments that are all so unique, so beautiful, so tangible, and so fleeting. The way you can experience a moment is totally different to how I could experience it. We could exist in the same time and space and feel two totally different things. That is so fascinating to me.

I read somewhere that every person that thinks they are creative are the farthest thing from it. When they are doing things that a culture says are creative, it is usually actually just following a stylistic trend. I’m not sure if I’d take it that far, but I will say this:

True creativity is sharing.

It is purely sharing how you are present with and experiencing a moment. The medium is merely a palette to communicate part of your soul. To give part of yourself through ink, sounds, or spaces is a practice that can only exists alongside a true understating of your identity. To give of yourself, you need to understand yourself.

Frank Ocean understands this. Blonde is a sonic autobiography. He said this in response to all the different voices he used on the album:

‘Sometimes I felt like you weren’t hearing enough versions of me within a song… my point of view from one emotional state to another is a different point of view.’

He understands this. There were over 50 versions of ‘White Ferrari’, because he wasn’t finished with it until it gave him peace.

Identity is everything.

Frank could never have communicated his emotional states without knowing them. You cannot successfully share who you are if you aren’t aware of who you are.

Sure, you can still execute a creative idea without it, but it will never be as pure or genuine as it could be if you know how you relate to it. If you can understand your perspective, you will be much more successful at sharing it.

Don’t be scared of being who you are.

It’s hard, I know. I’m just now within the last few months coming to being okay with who I am.

I have a natural inclination towards self doubt and negativtiy. I have a problem with idolizing people I look up to and never being confident in myself. I feel like a failure 90% of the time. Up until recently, I wasn’t even aware that this is what I was doing. I just genuinely believed the emotions my heart was bringing to me and never questioned them.

It’s been a long process of being present with who I am and dealing with it in prayer to get to the point to understand that the way I am is a good thing. My mom said something to me the other day along the lines of: ‘not trusting and living out who God says you are and created you to be is pride.’ Not accepting and living in your identity is harmful to you and everyone around you.

People need you to truly be who you are and share who you are in the moments you are experiencing. Please don’t sell yourself short and gip us out of a beautiful perspective.

The rawest and purest form of creativity is communicating the state of your soul in a moment that it has experienced. You can only achieve this when you truly understand and live out your identity.

This is all something I’m only now starting to understand. I don’t want to say for a second that I have achieved true creativity yet. It’s way too pretentious to deem myself creative in this sense, but I’m trying to get there.

Will you join me?