Affordable Zambia safaris To explore the beauty of the wild life adventures

There are quite good number of travelers in this world to whom Zambia is mainly popular for the amazing beauty of the Victoria Falls, and also for the mesmerizing and adventurous wildlife safaris. Zambia acts as a home to some of the popular and well as lesser known national parks of the world. Traditional styles of Zambia wildlife safari with experienced guides are the lifeline of the tourism industry in Zambia. For a safari lover walking safaris in some of the major national parks of Zambia is not better than an added bonus for the holiday.

Zambia Wildlife Safaris

Night drives makes the safari more adventurous, and made available in any Zambia’s national parks. It provides the opportunity to explore a wide range of wild species, starting from adorable porcupine to leopard. To offer the true comfort to the tourist reaching Zambia for Safari trips arrangements of lodges and guests houses are there to offer comfortable accommodation. Many of the lodges are run by owners and charge budget friendly prices.

When to go for a Zambia wildlife safari?

Maximum Tourists to Zambia prefers the season starting from June till October. in This period the land Starts drying up after rainy season and wild life creatures come out for search of water. In case you are bird lover along with a good photographic sense equipped with all necessary devices for photography then the ‘emerald’ season, in the rainy months, will be the ideal time to explore Zambia national parks.

Zambia Safari

Where to look for Tailor made Zambia safaris?

As the main attraction of Zambia is its national parks so special attentions are given by the tourism department to design some tailor made best Zambia safari packages for the adventure lovers. If you are planning for a Safari trip to Zambia then you can check out the list of available tour package organizers in Zambia who can share with you the details of the packages to match up with your requirements.

Options for individual safaris as well as safaris in small group with people with same taste and preference are available with the tour organizers. You need to share your expectations and things will be planned accordingly by the experts. Professional guides will be made available along with each group for a smooth and entertaining safari experience.

Best Zambia Safari

Searching online will give you the scope to discover the trusted and reputed safari organizers in Zambia and you need to make a prior booking with them for the safari trip especially during the peak seasons to avoid any hindrances.

If you are planning for a group trip then you need to inform the tour organizer about:

  • The date of arrival
  • Number of people in the group
  • The duration of the Stay
  • Number of national parks to be covered
  • Budget for the group
  • Special areas of Interest about wildlife
  • Accommodation preferences

Based on the above details the package will be designed by the professional experts and will be shared with you. 2–3 Affordable Zambia safaris will be shared by them and you need to pick the one which suits you the most. Aside to this there are some traditional packages available with the leading safari organizers in Zambia which you can check out for your nomination. Dont forget to check the reviews of the tour organizers given by other tourists to get an idea about its services and arrangements.

Affordable Zambia Wildlife Safaris

The must visit National parks in Zambia:

  • South Luangwa National Park: South Luangwa National Park located in the eastern Zambia, which is in southernmost location of 3 important national parks in Luangwa valley, is one of the most visited and world-renowned national park.
  • Kafue National Park: Kafue National Park is one of the most important as well as largest national parks of Zambia. It covers an area close to 22,400 km². It ranks second in the list of largest park of Africa. It acts as home to more than 55 different wild life species.
  • North Luangwa National Park: North Luangwa National Park is another national park of Zambia, which is located northernmost part in valley of Luangwa River. Introduced as game reserve way back in 1938 and later it turned to a national park in year 1972. This park covers an area of 4,636 km².
  • Liuwa Plains National Park: Liuwa Plain National Park is located in Western Province of Zambia, and in west of Barotse Floodplain of River Zambezi. This park was first introduced and opened for public in the year 1972

Most of the national parks can be explored via vehicles with open-topped 4WD game and even in the form of walking safaris. In both options presence of an experience and professional tour guide is a must as they know and read the minds of wildlife species better than you.