What You Need To Know About Purchasing Spices

You may think that learning which spice pairs well with a dish is the first thing to know about Spices 101, but that is where you’re wrong.

Sourcing your produce

Adopt the habit of sourcing and purchasing fresh, quality spices. This is the most important step in learning how to cook well using spices and get the best flavour from them.

Choose whole spice

Rather than purchase ground spices, that have a short shelf life, purchase whole spices and grind them yourself to retain maximum potency and ensure a fuller flavour and not only that, but whole spices remain fresher for longer!

With whole spices, you know exactly what you are getting. Most ground spices will have other ingredients as well including rice, flour or salt mixed in and FDA regulations do not require these add-in ingredients to be listed.

Don’t bulk buy

Spices are not the type of ingredient that must be bulk-bought as they will go stale. However, if you are an active cook and like to add an abundance of spices, go ahead with purchasing in bulk!

Finding the right place

So, where can you source better spices?

  • Ethnic Markets — more often than not, ethnic markets have good quality whole spices available at reasonable prices. If you’re not too sure, talk to the staff and test the smell of the spice.
  • Local spice merchant — These types of spice shops should always stock quality spices. A perk of purchasing with your local spice merchant is being able to chat with the staff about how to cook with the spices and how they use them.
  • Source quality spices online — There will always be the option of buying spices online and there are many places online that sell a variety of fresh quality spices.

Finding fresh, quality spices online couldn’t be easier with M&T World Foods!