Asia Headlines — 3/5


快法务, a company that provides fast and low-cost legal services to startups and SMEs, raised an undisclosed Series B+ round from Tencent. Founded in June 2014, the company’s services include company registration, tax, patents, etc. It previously raised a $10 million Series B round from Shunwei and Ceyuan. More

乐铺, a platform that helps small business owners find retail space in street stores (small restaurants, hair salons, etc), raised a Series A+ round in the tens of millions USD from Matrix and 清流资本. According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, street-side stores in Beijing alone is a ¥3.5–3.8 billion market size with 250K stores. The company hopes to ultimately become renovate, sublet, and offer store management services to its clients in order to become a one-stop shop for finding a street store. More

盖雅工场 (Gaiaworks), a cloud-based labor force management tool, raised a ¥50 million ($7.25M) Series B round from Matrix and 元生资本. The company helps clients in retail and manufacturing by forecasting labor demand and automatically sets workers’ schedules. More

Qkuts剪酷, a haircut chain for kids, raised a Pre-A round in the millions USD from Qiming. The company provides haircuts for kids from 0–12 years old and also manicures as well. Founded in 2013, it has five stores in Shanghai and one in Hangzhou. More

优享创智公享际 (5Lmeet), a co-working space company, raised a ¥100 million ($14.5M) Series A+ round from GIC, just four months after it raised a ¥400 million ($58M) Series A round. Founded in December 2015 by Mao Daqing (former China Vanke vice chairman), 51meet wants to integrate office, living, leisure, and social interaction. The five “Ls” stand for livable, linked, liberal, lively, and landscape. Investors in its ¥100 million seed round include Sequoia China and Zhenfund. More

永安行 (Youon Bike), another bike-sharing company, raised a Series A round in the hundreds of millions RMB from Ant Financial, IDG, and Shenzhen Capital Group. Founded in 2010, the company has 800K bikes available in 210 cities in China with Shanghai and Guangzhou being the top cities. Youon Bike has over 20M users for a total distance ridden of 2.27 billion kilometers. More

Klook (客路旅行), a HK-based travel activities booking platform, raised a $30 million Series B round from Sequoia, Matrix, and China Growth Capital. The platform covers more than 80 popular destinations and sells tickets to over 10K tourist sites and activities. In 2016, users used Klook to book over 5 million trips to over 30 countries. More

数美科技, a big data company, raised a $10 million Series A round from Shunwei, Qihoo, Baidu, and 清流资本. Founded in August 2015, the company uses AI and big data analytics to prevent and detect financial fraud. Currently, the number of clients is in the hundreds in a range of industries, including finance, ecommerce, games, and O2O. More

盖特互动, an app that is an aggregation of various search engines and platforms, raised a Pre-A round in the tens of millions RMB from Zhenfund. The company currently integrates info from 27 sites, including Baidu, Zhihu, Taobao, and Weibo. More

才云科技 (CaiCloud), a company that is building an enterprise container PaaS platform, raised a ¥40 million ($5.8M) Series A round from Matrix and Cybernaut. Founded in July 2015 and led by a former Google engineer, CaiCloud uses Docker to offer cluster-as-a-service to its clients and recently released a new product that offers Tensorflow-as-a-service. More

NextEV (rebranded as NIO), a company that is building an electric supercar, received a $100 million strategic investment from Baidu. More

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