Small but tough — with Douchebags

Today I would love to introduce you the Douchebags Base 15L, small but roomy backpack which has been my daily companion for last few weeks.

“Small but tough — with Douchebags”

Design — Douchebags has it’s own unique style which stays out and easily catch your attention when you compare it to ordinary bags. When I first unpacked the Base 15 I was stunned by its quality. Made from Polyester the outer shell looks solid and durable. Fascinated by its shape I was checking detail after detail, how good and carefully the smallest of the Douchebags family is made. Every single seam and zip was build in with attention, love and there’s no chance it’s going to break even when you have tendency to throw you bag on the floor after some hard training at the gym. The backside cover is made with a polyethylene protection plate which helps Base 15 protecting its inside content.

Also well known YKK zippers gives lifetime guarantee.

I’m a gear freak, totally love to check and test every new item, as you can easily guess I couldn’t wait to pack it up and start using it. First surprise — it’s not as small as it seems!

You get easy access to the whole inside by pulling a single side zipper which makes packing even more fun. Took my 15inch Macbook, tablet, two books, running shoes, camera and few other things — and it still has room for few a more items! The Big advantage of the Base 15 is, that even fully packed it lays comfortable and soft on your back.

There are two totally unique features which I’m in love with:

Rib Cage — Constructed from ABS ribs Rib Cage lifts up protection of the backpack to the next level. Even when carry your camera or sensitive electronic devices you may truly depend on Rib Cage system, also provides support and stability.

Hook-up System — No matter which member of the Douchebags family you’ll buy, every single bag has special straps and buckles which allows to connect them and for example place over wheels instead of hanging heavily on your shoulders. That’s extremely helpful when running late looking for your departure gate.

We looks forward to be getting some more douchebags family members in the future, as we we all adopted the Base 15L as one of our own. We can proudly recommend this product, not is it only cool, but also very practical.

Originally published at Mtxplore.