So we can’t intelligently discuss the way it went down beyond the fact Flynn told Pence something…
Louis Weeks

I never said that Pence was ‘not a great man’ nor did I say that “you said Trump doesn’t trust Pence.”

Actually you did: “ If you (and possibly others) suspect that Trump does not trust even Pence” ~ Mark Collier

You missed the key word in my response: SUSPECT, not “you said” No, I do not tell my wife every little thing, but she and I do not run the country either. Your analogy is weak because my wife and I do not discuss national secrets, nor are we responsible for the largest superpower on earth. You continually seem to categorize my comments as if “because I’m from the left” they are some extreme conspiracy bent on “making Trump out to be evil” — which is not the case. I do not think Trump is necessarily “evil” — I just think he is wrong as a president. As far as any proof, the Access Hollywood tapes prove that he has an unhealthy viewpoint on women, and what is deemed “sexual assault” in this country. His repeated bankruptcies (6) begs to question his so-called extraordinary business skills. His negative comments on national television, don’t forget Twitter about women, Hispanics, blacks, etc. cannot be denied — it was him! His admitted tax evasion, and subsequent refusal to disclose his taxes (like he promised to do if he was elected and as presidents have voluntarily done for the past 40 years) speaks of hiding ill-intentions. So, I guess we can respectfully “agree to disagree” on this issue. Thanks for responding….have a great day!