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I guess the “Promise to Read Bills” is just as worthless as the rest of the republican promises — they forced the bill through 10 hours after submitting the last changes — which allowed them to keep the best parts of the ACA for themselves while forcing the disastrous ACHA for the rest of us. Trump supporters: Hope you feel good about your republican leadership….the same guys who promised they already had a “better plan than ACA ready to go on day 1… know, the same guys that said they “already have a plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days” — its been over 100….those same guys who merely for the sake of rescinding “anything Obama” just forced a totally worthless healthcare plan on the nation BUT kept the good parts of the ACA for themselves. “ We are having a Republican Roasting Party in 2018….you are invited to come, but please leave your tin-foil hat and microwave at home.

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