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Not one sensible person is surprised! Trump has shown himself to be a consummate liar with no empathy for common people. We really need to get his REAL tax returns -2008 to present — where the real dirt is out to the public. It is believed that he owes more than $560 million to Russian banks and Putin. More and more of the MI-6 dossier is being corroborated, and the “golden showers” may be just the tip of the iceberg. I still suspect that lawmakers are overlooking investigating the EC because they are afraid they may find evidence that the EC was bribed. Rubio did not decide to confirm DeVos until her family donated $100 grand to his campaign. Many of Trump’s cabinet picks were installed under the “good ol boy” rules of days gone by, yet even some Democrats vote them in. Our country is in such a horrid state of confusion. Release your tax returns as you promised Donald if you won the election……….release the truth……..all problems solved!

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