because he likes law and order? you are a part of the reason blacks stay criminals
Terri Magee Henderson

Terri: it is not because I am against law and order. I served 12 years in the US Navy….much of that time as a Master-at-Arms, which made me a law enforcer for our ship or base. Liking “law and order” does not include the intimidation of threats, “…I will knock you out!” — nor does it include the vicious name calling (often to people who look just like he does) every time he opens his mouth. In my opinion, Clark comes off like someone who is enthralled by the lights and cameras….he seeks to “make a name for himself” off the backs of those less fortunate….he reminds me of that Sheriff in Arizona who called himself “the law and order Sheriff” -and was finally dismissed as an over bearing tyrant. How many stories have you read of him (Clark) actually “aiding someone in trouble” or “giving someone a much needed second chance?” I have heard none. Yes, I am a bit biased because as a black male, I have often suffered and been abused by law enforcement officers who did not deserve to wear a badge. Simply wearing a uniform and a badge DOES NOT mean you stand for, enforce, and support the rights of the people you are sworn to SERVE. This man seems to be all about furthering his own career at the expense of those unfortunate enough to cross his path. He seems yet to learn to very important passages that I try to live by every day: 1) “What is done in the dark shall surely be brought into the light,” and 2) “As a man sows, that shall he surely reap.”-Jesus Christ. Now, since you don’t know me from Adam, you are incorrect and don’t get to say that “I am part of the reason blacks stay criminals.” It is people like your illustrious sheriff that are obscuring the picture. Besides, to “stay” criminals would imply that “blacks have ALWAYS been criminals.” Is that really how you see it?

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