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searching for the truths deep in our minds in respecting human rights as basic norm of civilized nation

This writing is one of “abal-abal” response on the latest viral to proudly news from diplomatic world of our country — as a young beautiful lady from MoFA represented Indonesia on one of UN General Assembly meetings held in UN HQ, NYC. At once I was so proud to watch her speech on such a great forum as every country delivered several issues and being discussed to seek the best solution, the young lady delivered her speech pretty much convincing and I envy her that I am still at this level as International Humanitarian Law enthusiast — for being pragmatist, lack of experiences, and easily being fooled by promising arguments full of heavenly normative ideas yet hard to implement in the real world.

I felt that way, being hypnotized by a heavenly normative speech when I watched her on that forum, and I never regret it to adore such young person who has incredibly outstanding thoughts and certainly full of immense experiences on Human Rights Issue. Her speech should become trigger for us to know more about our national problems than anyone else , we need to know that the international communities still do not believe in Indonesia to solve the major problems have occured in Papua since then — that’s the main issue on her speech which becomes partially debatable. I said “debatable” due to the fact that substantially the efforts that Govt have done in Papua still do not come any closer to everyone expectation, it does need Govt. commitment and real acts in identifying the problems and the needs of our fellows in Papua.

I remember that my lecturer ever said that we have to defend state sovereignty no matter what — it might be something that most of our diplomats abroad trying to do until then. Back in 2010, an INGO based in Europe tried to collect supports from several countries to file gross violation of human rights cases occured in Papua to UN General Assembly. They unilaterally accused Indonesia have failed to overcome the problems and caused death tolls and inconducive situation in the region. However, UN seemed to know that any international intervention needs long analysis such as persuasive and judicial treatments from the local authorities have been exhausted, in addition it also needs the approval of the General Assembly and UN Security Council that resulted a certain resolution.

I do agree that no countries are allowed to interfere our domestic issues (basic principle in International Law) — until the respective countries could not handle their own problem and affects International societies thoroughly or violates the basic rights of human being (gross violation of Human Rights). Additionally, Papua has become a sexy issue being talked in several international forums for years, not only Melanesian countries in the pacific but our southern neighbour until some European countries as well are concerned to law enforcement on Human Rights cases in Papua. Most of us only know a little piece about Papua — an untouched mountainous island covers up by rainforest and its spesifically melanesian people lived hundred years there which figuratively being invaded culturally by the west region of Indonesia. We have to admit it that we demand a lot from Govt. about Papua, in fact Papua now slowly is being built in various aspects, I could not be more optimistic that current administration is able to fulfill its promise to make Papua better “economically”, at least it’s the first thing that our fellows in Papua needed.

Human rights issues in Papua are not only one case alone that become a major task for government to handle, the same cases with various backgrounds of problem seemingly waiting to be unveiled and needed judicial treatments immediately. Commitment to enforce the law on such cases for couple years become the main task for which several administrations still do not meet the conclusion yet. The effectiveness of the law only works when the govt. willing to reveal the core of the problem that deeply rooted beneath the hypocricy of the evil people which try to cover up the truth.

*this thoughts do not represent any institutions*