How can you find your passion?

What is my passion? How do I find it? How do I excel at my passion?

At some point of our lives, we have all asked ourselves these questions. I too was intrigued by these questions and spent a significant amount of my life trying to figure out the answers to these questions. After what I would like to call as epiphany, I finally got the answers to the aforementioned questions. Based on the revelation, I came up with a story what goes something like this:

Somewhere beyond the realms of reality, in a far away magical land, travelers and tourists from all over the world gathered to set upon journey of the ‘WONDERBUS’. Now ‘WONDERBUS’ was no ordinary bus. It was a flying bus, one which took its passengers to the most exotic locations on the face of earth.

By exotic locations, I mean something like these

As the journey progressed, the travelers got divided into three different groups:

  1. Some found the their ‘dream destination’ among the first few stops itself and let go of the bus. They chose to stay back for what seemed to be “Their Dream Destination” as they believed that purpose of their trip had been fulfilled
  2. Others wondered if there was any so called ‘Best destination’ as such. To them, each destination was extraordinary and unique. Despite the amazement and thrill each destination had to offer, they always chose to ‘Move on’ to the ‘Next Destination’, exploring further and further, for to them the idea of hanging on to a single destination seemed to be gut-wrenching and soul shackling
  3. The rest of the group naively spent their entire journey waiting to find their ‘Dream Destination’. Also, their constant anticipation of that ‘One true dream destination’ made them biased and apprehensive towards all the other destination. Unfortunately, they never truly enjoyed any of the destinations the bus took them to.

Life is like this Wonder bus trip. It reveals to us the unknown truths, draws us to uncharted territories, each time presenting us an opportunity to expand our horizons.

The ‘Creatures of habit’ live a “safe, secured and sheltered” life in a job ending up spending their entire lives switching from one company to another in what they consider as their ‘True passion’ . Despite reaching a saturation point in their so called ‘True passion’, they never leap across the river only to remain unexposed to the treasures lying on the other side

The ‘Wanderers’ have one simple mantra — “Explore, Dream and Discover”. They start their career in programming, go on to write a book, take up public speaking, build their own company only to later bid it farewell to become mentors for start-ups. This nomadic tribe changes careers at will disregarding the dogma of a singular sacred passion. They realize that the secret lies in ‘Developing passion’ and not ‘Finding passion’.

The ones who are ‘impressionable’ get influenced by the idea of “Finding their passion”, setting out with a lamp in pursuit of finding their ‘one true passion’ ( the idea of which is a convenient fiction ) and spend their lives whining about how they still haven’t found it

Finding one’s passion is not a lock and key game, in which we need to find the right key

Passion is like growing tree. You can grow it, develop it and nurture it in any task you apply yourself to. You sow the seed, water it and allow it to grow into a beautiful big tree(Let’s say a banyan tree). Once its fully grown, you can go to the top, enjoy the beauty for a time and climb down to plant another seed (Perhaps, a mango seed this time). And repeat the process of developing and nurturing another seed. This continuous planting of trees will eventually give birth to a beautiful garden full of diversity.

It’s about time We Forget the age-old theory of ‘Finding Passion’

And plant many seeds