Learning Styles

I was surprised in high school when I heard about learning style. Does everyone has it’s own style?

The first thing that come to my mind is that to discover my style to shorten my studying time. In fact, I had ignored that idea for long time until we took a lecture about Learning style.

I got the interest again when we took this subject in learning skill. when I came back home in that day. Quickly, I opened google and then write about learning styles.

there we can see there are four types of learning styles Visual, Aural, read/write and kinesthetic style.

I took a tour about this important skill and then I did the test

this test called VARK.

the result was…

I have thought I’m writing learner, but the result tell the right I’m visual Learner.

even In E-portfolio, I like to put more picture.

here I can see the properties of visual learner

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