The Worst Thing That Happened in These Days

When our doctor said “ You have to make E-prortifolio, I was happy. Due to I have had already one since I was in the preparatory year. Actually, I have continued writing on that website, while my friends were looking to publish a new blog. Unfortunately, in 20/9/2015, the company of my website’ Storehouse’ changed the idea of their website from publishing a blog to establish a private note. I sent emails to Storehouse to clarify the problem, but the sent me we are sorry. the new version of the app has changed entirely.

In Eid Aladha I was thinking what is the magic solution to solve my problem. I had been looking to an application that works like the former version of Storehouse. In the same time learned a wisdom.

“ you have to be a flexible if you want to be a seccessful”.

Finally, I found an app that helps me in my needs. It’s (Medium). Now I can write and I can import my note from other websites.

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