Algorithmic media is harming the principle of objectivity and balance in news reporting, simply because algorithms are determining what is relevant according to the majority and casting a shadow on what others might find as important. Tarleton (2012) clarifies that algorithms are encoded procedures for transforming input data into a desired output, based on specified calculations. He includes that these are mathematical machines creating knowledge, mainly built on certain speculations about what knowledge is and how one is suppose to distinguish its most important parts.

Wikipedia appears as a paradigmatic example for free and participatory knowledge production, It is one of the most trafficked sites in the world ( Band & Gerafi,2013) People select what is said and written based on their knowledge about a certain subject. Wikipedia is the first option for any search on google.

Algorithmic media should change their terms of service conditions to ensure a fair representation of all voices in the society. They can do this by providing explanations to why they chose to show certain issues and why they chose to ignore others. Also the providers of information algorithms must make their algorithm impartial,showing no prejudice.


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