Black people in America are dying and we can’t wait for the American government to save us, because they won’t. We are only an afterthought as coronavirus has become a biological weapon with its bullseye on black people.

When coronavirus came to America it revealed our diversity and exposed the health inequities that exist alongside it. It created the perfect storm from the health disparities that already exist for black people in America. Black people suffer from a higher rate of every chronic disease, including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity (and yes obesity is a disease). In…

I live at the intersection of being black in America, Muslim in America and a Woman in America. My experiences commonly uncommon and these are random thoughts about who I am and how I navigate the world through my multi-dimensional lense.

I’m naming this blog series “Random thoughts” because they come to me sometimes at Random moments throughout my day. Sometimes sitting in the car, or hiking or in conversation. It’s part reflection, part introspection, and part self-exploration.

Each letter in this series will begin with its topic so the reader (and author) understands the focus. I have intentions of…

Random Thoughts on…


Being Black and Muslim is like being earth. I am what everyone overlooks and steps on yet I am the very source of all life.

Being Black and Muslim is never being black enough. “Not like other black people” people have said. And not being Muslim enough. “Do you know what your name means” people have said.

Being Black and Muslim is knowing you are the divine intention of your lord manifested when he made mankind from BLACK CLAY to WORKSHIP HIM. …

Mubarakah Ibrahim

A collection of thoughts from a black, Muslim woman living in America

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