The dreaded Blank… Canvas…

The blank canvas can be crippling no matter what you’re creating! Overcoming it is one of the most important skills that you can gain as a creative. Here are 5 quick tips to get over the burden of starting something new! ✋🏾

Tip 1 — Get inspired

As creatives, we are super lucky! We can fire up Dribbble, Behance or Pinterest and peruse for inspiration endlessly to our heart's content. This certainly works but I’ve found that sometimes I need a little bit more motivation.

I like to expose myself to things that inspire me. The key is that it doesn’t even have to be…

My entry into the #SPACEDchallenge competition

So Dann Petty issued an epic (pun intended 😏) design contest on his YouTube Channel. I decided to take a crack at it.

After reading the brief for what must have been like 20 times, I had a bunch of ideas running through my head. The must obvious ones came and went. I explored type based logos and branding with space ships. None of them felt unique enough. The design brief made it clear that this was supposed to be funky, fun, bold, modern and a tad cheeky.

Thats when I realised I’d needed to dig deeper and push the…

And why you should vote for it here!

Wordle is the most advanced device and a platform to monitor child’s learning environment

If you’re a parent, then you know the multitude of questions you have about raising the tiny human in your home to be a valuable member of society.

Should I be speaking to my baby more?

Am I using to much baby talk?

Do I say “No” too much?

What language should I be speaking?

Should my baby be speaking already?

We created Wordle to help parents better understand the learning environment around their child and save time on finding educational content that is best for their unique child. …

Nope, not even Apple.

I recently got an Apple Watch Series 2 and I absolutely love it, I was never that much of a watch wearer but the functionality of the Apple Watch has ensured that it’s pretty much strapped to my wrist throughout the day.

When I heard that the new Apple Watch will have LTE, I wasn’t too bothered. I mean, ok. Phone calls using just the Apple Watch. But I just couldn’t get over the fact that if I really wanted to make a phone call, more often than not, my phone wasn’t too far from me.

The newly announced Series 3.

If I was motivated…

3 quick tips to get the most out of Design Jams.

Mubarak Marafa

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