Hence many young creative minds don’t see digital technology and interaction design as a field for personal growth and creative development. Digital media today seems to be made for consumers, business people and spys, not for artists.
Interaction Design is dead. What now?
Ralph Ammer

This is interesting. I’m a new media artist turned designer. I remember going from my bachelors (bachelors in art) to my masters (masters in design) one of the sticking points of my entry interview was pointing out the distinct difference of art and design. I remember assuring my interviewer that I knew the distinction and I was ready to be a designer, not an artist. Since then I admit I’ve lost touch of the art of things and become more focused and concerned with stakeholders and consumers etc. I think it may be worthwhile to remember the art of it all, and go back to user/human centred design as opposed to “consumer” centred design.

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