My experience at Andela self-learning clinic day 3

After all, I have gone through during the past first two days of the Andela self-learning clinic, and after spending a sleepless night trying to figure out some algorithms, plus learning some javaScript to finalize my challenge, it all became so overwhelming, but thanks to God,

It is now another new day of the Boot_camp: home-based
 Self-learning clinic. There is not much to share except that I feeling more positive and eager, inspired and motivated by the fact that I need to become a world-class software developer at Andela and that is what is driving me, motivating, and helping me in positive thinking.
 Like every other day, today’s tasks were equally challenging. However, like every other day too, there are new things to be learned from each task.
My fellow team members have been so helpful and I really appreciate.
My Learning facilitator has been so cooperative and has really helped me to keep the fire inside me burning.
My main focus now is on finishing my challenges in time and help other team members get on the same page with me.


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