My experience in Andela bootcamp so far (Day 2)

Going through the first day of Andela self Learning Clinic has been so Challenging.

I first communicated with my Learning facilitator from Andela (LFA) and the Rest of my Team members on a group video call on google Hangout,where the facilitator gave me and the rest of the team a learning map and a trello board where we can find tasks for the day.

Its has been hard to corp up with the pressure, since you have to learn many skill , new software as you use them at a go.

However , its such a exciting learning experience , due to team work and ability to work under pressure.

Day 2 at the Andela boot camp has been much better than day one . its because am mastering the art of coordinating with the rest of my group members, i have mastered the use of new tools and new software, and following instructions on the trello board.

Andela is very hard when you don’t follow instructions on the Trello board and if you isolate away from the team.

I don’t have a programming background. but i now feel that am becoming a real developer with just 2 days in the boot camp.

Thanks to my team member and the learning facilitator, they have been so supportive .

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