Edhi Sb …An Inspiration
Noor Fatima

Change only comes through hard work

Edhi saab was a hard working man and self learner he was a lesson for us about hard work. I am mostly impress by hard working . He was started from zero point and in those days he is hero for all world . He was a teacher for us and he is a institute for us. He teach us how is it possible and everything is possible . I know if I want to start a foundation as like edhi foundation it is very very difficult for me.

Edhi saab said

“Keep working, only when you work, automatically everything will happen. Keep working, keep working, keep working… You cannot do anything else, just keep working. God will help you.”

Keep working , keep working and just keep working at least everything will happen automatically. This is a very important point for successful person. I think every success we get just by keep working.

“edhi saab is not a single one lesson for us I think he is a institute for us”

I have learn many more things from edhi saab life.

Part 2

my story

First time I applied in #amalacademy one year ago during my summer vocations in 2016.but I was not select for amal fellowship. After a long time I applied again in#amalacademy at that time I was fail in interview it was my 2nd time. I thought I am not able to join it because I have no ability to join amal .

But I was want to join amal academy because I know amalacademy change our future and life. therefore I checked about fellowship on the daily basis. After 3 months I applied 3rd time and I was hopeless. Maybe in batch42 first application submitted by me. After some days amal fellowship sent me mail about different task as like online courses and finally I got interview mail . I was happy on this but not for long time because I remembered previous interview. Sir adnan ahmad called me and asked about my interview then I was go in amalacademy for interview. I did not know about my selection from amal. I was contact with sir fida many time .sir fida said me just wait just wait. One day sir fida text me check your mail on 5 July. i was very happy to see sir fida text. i am still happy.

And now I am member of amal fellowship.

It was my first struggle and I am successful now.

I am very happy thanks sir fida saab .

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