Outdoor learning

Amal Family

After 3-months of amazing Amal fellowship, the last session has arrived. The journey has come to an end and start of beautiful chapter is just going to happen. It was a shining Sunday afternoon and the journey started by all of us gathering at University of Agriculture Faisalabad at 2 pm. Having the Amal principle in mind, almost everyone reached at the gathering place within 30 minutes. Boys left the place on bikes and girls on rikshaws to reach at Garvaish Luxury Hotel, Faisalabad. After 20 minutes of long ride, we reached the hotel and salute to the management team, the place was super awesome.

The entry starts with few selfies and greetings. Everyone was glowing with the happiness at face. Everyone have some portraits and enjoying songs with chitchat. After 20 minutes when all of us had come, some formal things start. Everyone has to say something that they have liked in Amal fellowship and what they have learnt throughout the whole journey. Everyone shared some funny and amazing one experiences.

After that the time for foodies has come and we can clearly see the smile at their faces. But before that we have celebrated the birthday of amazing Mother’s boy. She was super excited and happy for this moment to celebrate her son’s birthday in between the Amal family. After 30 minutes of lunch break, we started to take selfies and pictures everyone.

Then there comes the memory which we are going to miss in our life, the Group Photo time. After taking the group photo, we actually wanted to visit another place. But due to our busy schedule of final terms, we have to skip that plan.

Despite of that, we enjoyed each other’s company a lot and what we actually learned is, by the end of the fellowship we all knew that we all are leaders, we all are problem solvers and team players. The conditions may not always be favorable, so we all acted like the leaders, took the responsibility without being authorized and the most important thing that I took away with that day was;

Not everything you see and find is positive and glittery, it is the sight of your soul that helps you in witnessing that glitter of hope and making it possible.”

It was not the end of our journey. In fact, it was a new beginning.

In the end, I would like to mention that this fellowship as a whole has made an impact on my life and personality. I have met a number of people who were my batch mates and now are my friends, the alumni and the global fellows and the Amal administration.

The people who have actually made an impact in my journey were few. At this moment, I would not hesitate to pay tribute to two of them at least without any doubts.

These super awesome heroes, our Program Manager and Program Associate, “Ibraheem Naeem and Faizan Naeem” without whom this journey of whole fellowship including this day out would have not been this beautiful.

Faizan Naeem (Left) & Ibraheem Naeem (Right)

Thank you, Amal Team!