My Story

“Nothing however equaled my passion for racing. Before anybody realized, I would be far ahead of the others and turn to stand proudly at the finishing line. I ran with such speed that my friends lost interest in the sport saying, “The race ends before it even begins.” Every time I suggested racing they vetoed me and we compromised on another game. I hated failure and knew that success was synonymous with effort, by which rule I believed I could win.” Alhamdulillah I have achieved for what I have thought and struggled. And I can relate the Edhi sb example to me as I just do it whatever I want to do. I don’t wait for the right moment or right environment. For me that passion is just the right time and right environment when the idea came to mind. I don’t like to waste time. I don’t like to be included in failures. I really like Edhi sb confidence in him through which he achieves what he wants to.

In my recent I wanted to achieve two goals which I think are the most important goals in my life. The first goal which I want to achieve is to get admission for foreign language either it could be Turkish, Chinese or French. And the second goal is to get Amal fellowship.

One best reason to get this goal is to visit the china. There are scholarships available in Confucius Institute UAF which let us visit china. And for that first we have to pass HSK-1 test with good grades. I am at that stage of my degree in which I have lot of spare time and I don’t like to be free or waste my time. After the completion of my M.Phil. I have to be competitive for getting a job. These two goals will definitely improve my carrier and also polish my personality. The reason for the first goal is to get admission in China University for Ph.D. The chances for selection increases if we have basic command in their language. This helps to communicate with the surroundings very efficiently and can easily understand their culture. The second goal was to get Amal fellowship.

In the past, I don’t have enough resources and time to achieve these goals. The institutions demand a high amount which I can’t pay at that moment. I have been waiting for this for about four months after first time when I failed to get fellowship. I really love to improve myself for better and better to get the best of myself. I believe in perfection and that’s why I want to get fellowship. The locations were at far from my university which results in not able to join.

I have completed my first task to get admission in Chinese language course. The second task which I have to do is remain stick to my goal. I have to attend all the classes. I have to learn it with great concentration. And InshAllah I will do this. The third task is to take the Chinese language test. And to get the highest score in this test I have to complete the second task very efficiently.

Although it was difficult to manage the fee for the Chinese language course as my father is a retired teacher and the only source of income in entire family. But somehow, I managed to do it. It was a challenge for me to participate in that course about which I don’t have any information before. But I believe in #JustStart. But now I am happy that I have started this because It is easier than any other task. The first lecture seems very difficult and I have thought to quit it. But later I think the dots which I have done to get there. And I am almost to achieve that goal.

This goal although was difficult but Once I have started this, it looks very easy to me. I believe that the fear is in just starting something. Once we start something it automatically drives us to complete this. Then what we have to do is not to look back. Just keep going on and on.

I have started this project to ensure my admission in Ph.D. if I didn’t get the job. InshAllah I will complete this task with my full passion.