Building a fun side project for Indie Hackers who love video content.

I’m a big fan of Indie Hackers.

I’ve been reading the interviews for years, listen to the podcast and been involved in the forums since they launched.

I wanted to work on fun side project recently and so I decided to build

What is

Being a frequent visitor to the Indie Hackers forums, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of videos being posted. Many people are recording and sharing their indie hacker journey as videos, with some people doing live streams.

Personally I’ve gone back and forth on…

Race for the Premier League title

Photo by Nathan Rogers on Unsplash

tldr: I built a website that allows you to easily stay in touch with the 2019 premier league title run-in:

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I’m a big fan of the English Premier League. Yesterday as my team, Liverpool, failed to win its latest game against local rivals Everton. I scrambled to find out the details of the remaining season for Liverpool and their closet rival, Manchester city.

I failed to find anything except a couple of news stories that have a combined schedule, information what would quickly become out of date.

With a couple of…

How I would build the Hospital Prices MVP

I posted this tweet yesterday:

In this video I talk about little more about the idea and how I would approach building the MVP.

Let me know if you build it!

Less is more…

Towards the end of 2017 I decided to stop freelancing and go back to a full time job. I wanted to do less in 2018 and I did.

I sold off a couple of projects, shut down a couple of old projects, and even let some unused domains expire without renewing them.

Day Job

People are often surprised to hear I have a day job. The amount of projects I normally push out they think I do it full time.

AREA 17 is a great place to work. Every day I learn something new from some of the most talented people I…

Photo by Kayla Harris on Unsplash

I’ve had a stutter since I was around 5 years old. I’m told the “emotional trauma” of moving to a new country caused my speech problems.

When I was younger I spent many sessions with therapists working through my speech problems. Although I was never fully cured, my speech improved a lot and I developed coping techniques to work around the problem.

I’ve tried not to let my stuttering affect my life, personally or professionally. However, stuttering your own name makes it difficult in many situations you find yourself in day in day out. …

Your timezone managed globally

I’ve been a remote work since the summer of 2000. Yes that’s over 18 years. While a lot has changed, and being a remote worker is much easier than it used to be, one thing remains a constant problem … timezones.

Although I don’t travel a lot any more, I work frequently with people who do. All the recent nomad worker trend has made the problem even larger.

Once you know someones timezone there are many tools that make scheduling meetings less painful, but keeping up with people as they work and travel on the road has become a big…

In case you missed it, sharing this again

I’m a big fan of Twitter, an avid users since 2008. I’ve found it to be the best social media platform for meeting new people, having interesting discussions and sharing great content.

Over the years I’ve used a number of tools that helped me get the most out of Twitter and the community that I’d become a part off.

After I found out that most tweets you post are only seen by 20% of your followers, I looked to find a way to increase the number. …

This weekend was the first Hack Mohawk Valley hackathon.

I had planned to participate at the hackathon but when the organizers asked me to judge the competition and mentor the other attendees I was happy jump at the chance.

Rather than just hang around for the hackathon though I decided to challenge myself…

Lets build 3 apps in 24 hours!

What?!? No I’m not crazy just like pushing myself.

Normally I work in a team, which can slow things down, and when you’re trying to win a competition you start thinking about the competition, not making things. …

I’ve spent a lot of time writing about building side projects, and getting them to launch, but as you know launch is not the end, but rather a very early stage of the maker journey. In this post I’m going to talk about what happened to a project after I launched, and the journey from the MVP to version one.


Two years ago I built and launched the MVP for Top Publications.

When I decided to move my blog to Medium, I started searching for publications that might publish my posts. When I couldn’t find a public directory of these…

Robots on the Loose

A couple of weeks ago Dimitar Raykov and I completed the sale of Will Robots Take My Job? The buyer asked us to not reveal to much about the actual sale, but I wanted to share what I could about why we decided to sell the project.

If you’re interested in more of the back story of how we built and launched the website, checkout: From Idea to 4M Page Views in 4 Weeks

Why Even Start a Side Project?

When I start a side project, I usually have a clear reason to do so. The reasons can vary, from wanting to…

Mubashar Iqbal

2016 @ProductHunt Maker of the Year. Making side projects for fun and profit.

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