Way to be a better learner !!!

We always learn new things, consciously or unconsciously, we always learn something from our surroundings, environment, friends, family or colleagues. This is an unending process. So, there is a need to make this learning more effective and we must also look for a few techniques to be better learner.

Whenever, I learn some new thing, I have a tendency to try to learn it all once. And for most of the time, it does not work for me. That’s why from now on after taking this course, I’d try not to do it all at once but will do it in chunks, so that things absorb in my mind completely and clearly. As our mind is most of the time diffused and it takes times for our mind to be focused for most of times. And I think, this technique will help me a lot in future.

For those who are reading this and didn’t take this course named “Learning how to learn” need to know that there are two types of thoughts in our mind, first are focused and the second are diffused and most of the times diffused thoughts lead to focused thoughts. All we need to do is, remember our diffused thoughts and then combine or collect them together to make our thoughts focused and no need to be worry about diffused thoughts, it is observed that they lead to most creative and out of the box solutions.

Thanks and don’t forget to smile :)

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