Project Week, Andela Ke.

It has been project week at boot camp 16, Andela Kenya. I picked a project, a console application. It is a note taking application, I named it Notify. It enables the user to create new notes, view them, view all notes, search notes and find them, export my database as a JSON file, import files as well as sync my project to a cloud data store.


Monday I spent my day, half of my day selecting the project, breaking it down to actually have a project plan. By evening I had a working plan ready and up. I started working on creating a Database for my notes. I had never used databases before, just the normal Microsoft Access tables. By night fall i was able to learn how to go about it, and execute.


Tuesday came, my database was not functioning correctly. I fixed the bugs with the help of fellow boot campers and I was good to go. I moved on to the next doable — the logic.

I spent half of my day working on all the functions of the application. Also, I learnt how to theoretically import and export files as CSV (Comma separated values). I also needed to learn how to set a limit for my search query, to only return a maximum of twenty results. In essence, I spent the rest of the day fixing functionality with the help of different Andela fellows as well as my facilitator.


I woke up late. I was tired from sleeping late studying different things on how Docopt works as well as how to synchronize my project to a cloud data store. I spent most of my day on Wednesday helping fellow boot campers with errors they had on their functionality. I was also ensuring that my code was working correct and running properly. The day passed so fast. I had started working on the user interface.

Today is Thursday!

I woke up late again! I should sleep early today, to salvage tomorrow. I woke up ready to finish everything on my project plan. Today has been a great day, many highs than lows. I was expected to defend my project, which meant it should have been up and running by 2:00 pm. By then, the application was running properly, but there was no proper way to display it to a user. I needed to compile my work and have it as what it should be — a console application.

Here we are, hours past two pm, I defended my code, learnt how to practically use Doc opt as well as ensure the usage is great. I need to ensure it looks better than it already does, in a few minutes.

This is just a messy raw sketch of what it is right now. I am however thrilled, that it functions correctly!
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