The Rough Road

This is about my most recent challenging experience yet. For the first time in a long while, I have followed my interests. Having completed the mainstream Kenyan school system, I decided to focus on self-learning and take a shot at programming. Pursuing this long-time interest has been a rough road because of the process. Here we are, a month or over later, it is the most challenging experience yet.

The process for me defines the challenge. On following up this interest, I applied for Andela Kenya (a technical leadership program). Before application, my first thought was, I ought to believe I could complete the process to the end. Well, after reviewing what I had to gain (more knowledge, new experience, growing this interest, a shot at an actual job), I applied. The process beyond that was the actual challenge that I still live. I have learnt basics of programming, computer science, taken on tests and learnt self-discipline. The greatest yet most exciting part of the process is self-drive. Every day, waking up, believing I can do it and employing time has been a constant challenge.

I would have loved to blame the challenge on the school system where we went to class, got notes, explanations were given, assignments based on what you learnt and tests generated. This was different. Taking it up meant self-learn, I commit my will and time to gain knowledge and outsmart myself daily.

Few days after application, I had to start my tests to evaluate my learning process. Days later, I got to experience a collaborative environment to learn from other learning programmers. I have always enjoyed interaction. My commitment was improved on seeing that there were other people with a similar interest who started from the same point and made it further and beyond.

I am still living this experience. In the world of technology, there is no end to learning. Along the journey, I have appreciated the need for people. Not just people, but similar goal oriented individuals. They make it worthwhile, they make learning easier, and they boost your capabilities, exposing the best yet the worst in me. I appreciate the process of learning more and it is becoming habitual. No one should take too long to follow their interests; the results are worthwhile.

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