Spectrecoin [SPEC] Untraceable | Ring Signatures | PoSv3 | ICO LIVE

About Spectreproject

The Spectreproject comprises the cryptocurrency SPEC (Spectrecoin) and the anonymous peer-2-peer payment / money transfer network Spectre.Cash that is currently being developed. SPEC is an anonymous, untraceable and unlinkeable, energy efficient Proof-of-Stake v3 cryptocurrency with an advanced hierarchical deterministic wallet (HD wallet). Spectre.Cash will deliver the Spectrecoin Alternative Remittance System intended for anonymous and borderless cash transfer. 20,000,000 SPEC will be created in a ‘genesis transaction’ and 95% of the SPEC supply will be offered as an investment opportunity to the public. This will help to raise funds to fully develop The Spectrecoin Alternative Remittance System known as Spectre.Cash. The initial public offering will open around 20/11/2016 when the SPEC mainnet is fully operational and the new HD wallets are available to download. This will allow you to test and inspect both the software and the open source code on GitHub. In other words, The Spectreproject will deliver a fully functional anonymous network prior to opening the investment round.


Untracable Transactions

The transactions on the SPEC network are made private, anonymous and untraceable using the latest cryptography techniques such as Dual Key Stealth Addresses, Ring Signatures and Zero Knowledge proofs. This renders the network and the SPEC currency ultra-secure and private and makes it very unlikely that anyone would be able to mount a successful attack and be able to de-anonymize a user.

Encrypted Chat

The SPEC wallet has an ultra-secure, end-2-end encrypted chat function. All messages are encrypted by the well know and secure AES-256-CBC algorithm. The messages are dispersed between nodes to prevent any attacker from deducing the intended recipients, even if applying sophisticated statistical traffic analysis or even if the attacker can view the entire network or run nodes of the network.

Advanced HD Wallet

SPEC has an advanced Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) multi feature wallet. The wallet can easily carry out everyday tasks but there are a multitude of advanced features. The wallet also has an HTML interface making it possible to offer detailed in wallet setting. It also makes it possible to expand the wallet by adding new functionality in new tabs, much like a website.

Proof-of-Stake v3

SPEC employs Proof-of-Stake (PoSv3) w/ static inflation of 5% annually. This is a fair and secure way to maintain consensus and to reward users who keep their wallets open. PoSv3 is an energy efficient consensus mechanism without large data centers as is the case with Bitcoin. Everyone has an equal chance of getting a reward based only on the amount of SPEC you hold and not “coin age”.

SPEC is based on Shadowcash w/ some modifications. This has been chosen as it allows very strong privacy and anonymity combined with a HTML wallet that will allow expansion of functions and integration of the SpectreCash network. The above is an illustration of the similarities and differences between some well known cryptocurrencies. The Spectreproject delivers top of the range, tested and tried, privacy features and anonymity. The SPEC currency is the backbone of the SpectreCash peer-to-peer payment network.

ZKP = Zero Knowledge proof In cryptography, is a method by which one party (the prover) can prove to another party (the verifier) that a given statement is true, without conveying any information apart from the fact that the statement is indeed true. FURTHER INFORMATION


Total number of coins 20,000,000 SPEC
Block time: 300 seconds

Stake interest: 5% annually static inflation
Confirmations: 6 blocks
Maturity: 288 blocks (24 hours)
Posv3 only. 
There will be no mining phase for SPEC.


The ICO is now open

The ICO is now open and will run for around 4 weeks unmtil 18/12/2016. There will be plenty of time to invest and to get to know the project.
The team will not rest during this period but will be pushing forward. Expect announcements and updates as the ICO progresses towards the distribution phase.
There will also be negotiations with exchanges and development of network infrastructure in this period.
Together we can achieve and create value.

ENTER THE ICO HERE: https://ico.spectreproject.io/

ICO bonus structure

Week 1–20/11/2016 to 27/11/2016–20% bonus on BTC investment
Week 2–27/11/2016 to 04/12/2016–10% bonus on BTC investment
Week 3–04/12/2016 to 11/12/2016–5% bonus on BTC investment
Week 4–11/12/2016 to 18/12/2016 — no bonus
Example: Invest 1 BTC during week 1 = 1.2 BTC share of payout


The distribution will start immediately after the investment round has finished. The amount of SPEC will be calculated relative to the total amount invested (including the bonus calculations).
This means that early investors will get a slightly larger share of SPEC relative to their investment. The distribution will be completed manually and in order of investment once the totals have been calculated.
This gives an extra advantage to early investors as they will be able to stake early on. By the time the ICO is open, wallets will be available and the block explorer will be set up so you will be able to keep an eye on your own payments.
Only the total amount invested and the number of investors will be public. Individual investors will be able to check their own investment through a uniquely generated URL on the ICO page.

General Terms

During the period of the ICO we will not record any personal information and we will not ask you to provide any such information to be able to invest in The Spectreproject and SPEC.
You can leave an e-mail address if you wish to receive updates but you do not need to do this. You will not be asked to register to invest. It is recommended that you leave a new, unused Bitcoin address for any refunds.
We will ask you for a SPEC stealth address for your payout to your SPEC wallet. You can be confident that you will be able to invest in total privacy and share as much or as little information as you choose.
The ICO will accept Bitcoin (see note on privacy) or any other currency that is supported by SHAPESHIFT if you prefer to invest with increased privacy.

ICO quick guide (PDF)

GitHub repo is also now open: https://github.com/spectrecoin/spectre

More Info

Official website: https://spectreproject.io
Official ICO site: https://ico.spectreproject.io
Official app website: https://spectre.cash/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpectreCash
Bitcointalk forum : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1655895.0