Black, Brown and White — The Beagle Who Changed Our Lives

She was brown, black and white. She was the best. We saw a write-up and a few pictures from S’s lab, when we got our turn on the waiting list to bring a dog home. The letter said that she loves to be called Bridgie-Bridgie-Bridgie and that she loves to eat, play with toys, jump and interact so well with people. Boy, did she jump a lot — she could jump 5 feet in the air with little effort. She loved food — she was always hungry and ready to eat anything, except for kale, broccoli and spinach. She loved toys — the instant she laid eyes on a toy, there was no stopping her. She would do whatever it took to get hold of the toy — the more sound it made, the more excited and determined she would be to get to it. Once she got hold of a toy, she would take it to her favorite hangout place — the landing area upstairs, where she would happily chew the toy out to her teeth’s content. She also considered anything on the floor to be her toy — shoes, kids’ toys, literally anything on the floor. I called her our most effective vacuum cleaner — she would lick away any food item that fell on the floor instantaneously, unless if it is a piece of kale, broccoli or spinach. Bridgie was always curious and didn’t hesitate to explore. When she was two years old, Bridgie learnt to dig out sprinkler heads and eventually took out the entire sprinkler system and was even trying to bring the plastic pipes through the pet door in the garage. Bridgie used to take clothes out of the hamper and drag them downstairs or upstairs, depending on where she started this endeavor. Though she wandered out on numerous occasions when the gate was left open, she would gravitate towards people, especially towards kids and then sit with them while they called us or brought her home — one time, she went into the garage of a house in our neighborhood and sat with the girl scouts. We are so thankful for the kind gestures of many friends and acquaintances who made sure that Bridgie was always safe. Bridgie was the happiest dog on the planet and she made us feel happy all the time.

She was everything to our boys — she was the world to them. The boys totally grew up with Bridgie. Every single day, from the moment they woke up till the moment they fell asleep, Bridgie would always be around them — Bridgie loved to sleep on the boys’ beds — in fact, she made R’s bed her own after a while — it was closer to the floor and sized more appropriately. Every night at bedtime, she would sit in front of N’s bed as we read a book or told a story to the boys and listen to us while she was being petted. While they ate, Bridgie would hang out by their feet in the hopes of finding falling food pieces — the good news is that the boys don’t like kale, broccoli or spinach either.

I found that practicing jokes and running ideas and thoughts and even stock tips by Bridgie was very effective. She would either nod, wag her tail or lick and that was as good a way to make stock picking decision as any professional money manager could have done. Bridgie’s sense of humor is unparalleled — she is the only one who has never been critical of any of my jokes.

Bridgie’s health started deteriorating over the past twelve months and she passed away peacefully earlier this month surrounded by her family and our close friend. Bridgie was thirteen. Bridgie was black, brown and white. Bridgie was the symbol of perfect harmony — the happiest dog in the Universe. We are so fortunate to have Bridgie in our lives and have infinite memories to hold onto and cherish the rest of our lives and beyond.

In loving memory of Bridgie,

The Girish Family

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