10 Ideas to Improve Twitter

  1. Horizontal timeline on desktop, for more natural reading. Readers can select left or right progress.
  2. In @twitter mobile, allow left and right swiping of each tweet, a la Tinder, for “see more like this” and “see fewer tweets like this.”
  3. Autoscroll tweets to speed progress through timeline.
  4. Enlarge profile photo/avi corresponding to the tweet being viewed. Make avi etc. more of a feature.
  5. Make a formal pledge to remain politically neutral, to avoid allegations of shadowbanning & bias. Appoint neutrality supervisory panel?
  6. Allow mobile users to choose low/medium/high media content richness to save on mobile data.
  7. Automatically file media/articles/links from favourited tweets for later reading. Convert them into Medium articles, a folder of “from Twitter?”
  8. Offer a precis of media from a URL link to user before they open it.
  9. Use expert systems to interpret users’ interests from biog, suggest who to follow accordingly.
  10. Offer option to not follow any blue tick’d users. I’m a correspondent NOT a follower. Listening Jack Dorsey ??
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