Walk, Don’t Run

Walking is better for you….

Running is bad for you. Ask a Physiotherapist. They’re told (tongue in cheek) during their training to encourage others to run as it keeps Physios. in work. Man wasn’t made to run, nor was woman for that matter.

The human body has evolved to walk on its hind legs, running mammals remain on all fours. Walking is a low impact exercise which will clear your head, help you lose weight whilst protecting your joints. There’s also the great bonus of not having to dress up in Lycra too.

Get hold of a pedometer or fitness tracker such as a FitBit, a Jawbone or an even an Apple Watch to measure your walking activity during the day. You may be walking more than you imagine at present. Even in a fairly sedentary job, you may be walking 3–4,000 paces each day — between meetings, aroind the house, walking down to the car park. Its useful to quantify how far you walk/how many steps you make each day before deciding to walk more.

Walking more, particularly in green spaces or in nature has a real beneficial effect on stress levels. You’ll feel more as one, less stressed, “decompressed” overall.

A healthy adult who doubles their daily step count from 3–4,000 to around 8–10,00 steps daily cannot fail to lose weight. Walking is exactly the kind of moderate physical activity which raises the heart rate into the “fat burning zone.” 10,000 steps equates to between 450–550 calories burnt, dp that every day and you’ll see the pounds fall away.

Walking keeps your legs strong, which recent studies suggests correlates with a lower risk of dementia. Not strong legs per se, but an active lifestyle. Walk and keep your mind young.

Speak to any runner and they’ll give you a litany of injuries they’ve experienced as a result of their favourite activity. Particularly for those of us who’re overweight, the forces transmitted through the hip and knee joints whilst running are exponentially greater. For every Kilo of body mass 300 Newtons of force slam into your lower body joints. If you’re 10 Kilos. overweight each running pace puts 3000 Newtons through your knees. Ouch!!

You’re unlikely to injure yourself walking, you’ll feel only health benefits. As they told us in school, “Walk! Don’t run.”

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