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I think many people are under the myth/impression, like I was, that their anxiety is helping them be…fill in the blank…more productive, more engaged, more useful. Better. I wrote a piece called Anxiety Doesn’t Help You the Way You Think It Does about this exact issue because I saw so many people struggling with the same issue I had for so many years (without knowing it).

I think you’re starting to scratch at a more fruitful relationship with anxiety, but you’re leaving out a component that I see as so crucial that it can’t be overlooked. I describe it as “the wave”:

The physical components of anxiety — what is happening in our bodies, and what that is telling us — is how we start to move in rhythm with these hormones that have caused us to shut down (lifelong migraine sufferer in the HOUSE). Without including that in your essay, you’re missing one of the keys to the crazy padlocked door that is acceptance.

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