The Autumn of Western Civilization
Austin Frank

Great write-up and I largely agree however its not guilt that’s killing the West, its the paradox of its constitutional freedoms which can be used to undermine the very same constitution while encouraging everyone to be a king in their own eyes. Its free speech permits fascists to proclaim their ideology. No one can assert moral absolutes and there can be no compulsion to assimilate the predominant culture. The liberals push the boundaries too far and the conservatives change too slowly with all quoting the Constitution for their enablement. Ultimately the West is wracked and wrecked by identity politics. It breaks the society down into small tribes with no rallying point; essentially no deference to an identity (Western Civilization) beyond themselves. I intuit the solution involves rewriting the Constitution to assert the primacy of certain values by limiting or invalidating some others. Yes, its almost blasphemous to even contemplate but I think its worth some analysis. Something is terribly wrong and the whole world will suffer its consequence…