Inspired by happiness

RUN, RUN,RUN…. life is a race if don’t run fast you will get trampled, this is the latest co-called definition of success! whoa…

Do you know our stupidity? we follow this rule for success because we believe the happiness lies in success. The reality is we even not know the meaning of happiness. The research shows the happiness depends only 10% on external environment and 90% on our positive mind setup.

So always think positive because the more you think positive the more you will be happy and your brain will work more efficiently.

I my previous life I was used to stay depressed do to my poor academics, I defined the criteria of my happiness as good academics. Many times I was used to stay depressed and ask myself why it happens to me, gradually I worked hard and my academics improved a lot but I was not happy yet now because now the criteria of success was changed, then I realized that happiness do not depends on external conditions. You have to get inspired by happiness. After that day relate my happiness with positivism.

Practicing happiness is the way to success, happiness increases your productivity 30 times more. So, adopting ways to be happy means way to be success.

Here are some practices I do, to make myself calm, happy and contented.

· Random acts of kindness are probably the most powerful tool to be happy. I often used to help people and motivate them. I just believe in phenomenon of showing kindness and getting kindness.

· Exercise: Doing some cardio exercise in stressful state releases the stress physically and I feel fresh and energetic.

· Reaching out the society, I find happiness in meeting healthy and positive minds. Discussing problems releases frustration and makes us lighter.

I believe these practices really works and leads me to happiness.