Mentor forever

We are not perfectionist, all of us learn from their experiences and their mentor. My mentor is my mom. No words for here because if I am here, existing in this world, is just because of my mom. My life , my confidence, my courage ,my hope to survive is my mom.

There are numbers of chapters in my life that make my relation stronger and stronger with my mom. But I would like to share a event with you, Two years back 8 December,2015 exactly, that was the day of my chemistry practical, I was well prepared for that practical but you say it was my bad luck that In lab performance the chemicals, I was given were expired, My total result were wrong and I was supposed to write those results in exam paper. I told my teacher that something is wrong, In short she didn’t even listened me. I was too depressed at that time. 9 pm at night I went back to my home, I started weeping at home my mom was there with me at that time. She encouraged me and ordered me to have rest. At 3 am at night when suddenly my eyes opened I saw she was there, for me.

In short my mom is my mentor, she encourages me as well as teaches me the lesson to learn from my mistakes’ is very important to develop a relationship with your mentor.

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