A hero of Pakistan…

Heroes are born not created. They have inborn qualities of hard work, leadership and selflessness. There are many heroes in the world who serve the humanity till their last breath. Pakistan has the list of such heroes and it is still increasing. Abdul Sattar Edhi is one of the heroes of Pakistan. He served his entire life for the service of humanity. He has many inborn qualities and moral values which make him a hero.

He started to serve the humanity when others just start to think about it. He adapted the moral values from his mother that the purpose of life is to serve others and due to this, at the age of eleven, he said “I will build Hospitals, make a factory to train and employ the poor, and build a village for handicapped”. In this example, he used the principle of just start. The idea of the childhood was the motivation behind the hospital which he built. He always had the soft corner for the humanity. 
The above example is also a source of motivation for me. Currently, I am working with two different societies and they are serving the humanity by giving the education to the poor children, cure to the patient and help to the people because we are getting the education then we must be the source for the others which are not able to do so.
It is a famous quote “Someone can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone”. This example of Edhi Sb is a motivation for everyone. Everyone should take the first step to serve humanity. This all can be done only with the continuous chain of hard work. As once Edhi Sb said “I hate failure and knew that success was synonymous with efforts, by which rule I believed I could win”.