Nobody said it was easy

There are many goals in the life of human which he wanted to achieve and some goals are so important that they are the sole purpose of their life. It’s a human nature that he does his best to achieve his goal of life but sometime conditions and luck are not with him. Similarly, the goal which I wanted to achieve is to get an internship in a multi-national company and I got the opportunity to give interview in Schlumberger few months ago but due to lack of self-confidence, poor non-technical skills and fear of losing the internship, as this was the only opportunity, I did not give the interview.

Schlumberger is one of the best Oil Services Company. This company has international exposure and is a source of practical implementation of theoretical work. It mainly focuses on the professional grooming of the employee and provides the opportunity to become professional. So, it’s a golden opportunity to be a part of this company.

I had to face so much competition as there were only four slots for fifteen applicants. I had to give an interview in Head Office Islamabad which is based on technical and non-technical skills. I also had to bear the fare and accommodation expenses in Islamabad. This was the only opportunity of internship by the department so I don’t want to lose it.

Life does not give second chance to everyone but I am from those lucky ones who get this second opportunity. At last, Schlumberger visited the department for the recruitment last week.There was a recruitment test and top ten students would be able to give the interview. So, my first task was to pass the test and second task was to give clear the interview.

I studied day and night and concerned different books for this test. I cover both the technical and non-technical portions to get good position so that I could qualify for the interview. I took the guide from seniors and teachers about the test and finally I was able to secure 4th position in the test.

The second step was the preparation for the interview. I studied about the history of the company and all the services which were provided by the company. I also focused on interview and communication skills and finally my interview was conducted and it was the best 15 minutes of my life.. After that I get selected for the internship leading to job.

I finally achieved my goal which couldn’t be completed few months back. It’s all because of self-confidence and hard work. Now, I am hopeful for the future.