Hello Readers! Welcome to my another blog post, today I am going to share a very interesting finding which is Account takeover, well there are multiple ways of doing so, it basically depends on functionalities available in the application. So this post will be limited to my approach and finally will share some handy tips. Before I start i would like to give a huge shout out to Dimitrios Bougioukas and his excellent course eWPTX, highly recommended this course gives you the best knowledge for WebAppSec out there and its because of this course and its basics i was able to perform this attack successfully.

Lets Start …….

A brief information about the target,the target allows user’s to register their companies. once you setup the company you become the admin of the company at and you will have the privilege to add your colleagues and set their privileges. Please note that Only you can set their privileges. Moving on, also allows its users to have internal communications, share resources and so on.

Firstly, I registered a company with my email, I named the company as “Tommy” and i became the Admin for this company at Cool.

Now, the will not allow any other user who is trying to register with the same Company named as “Tommy”. If any one tries to register it will throw this message “The company Tommy is already setup and contact the Admin”

Interesting RIGHT? has implemented some Validations, and it just took 10 mins to bypass it.

I used a technique called “Visual Spoofing|Homoglyph ” which is “In typography, a Homoglyph is one or two or more characters, or glyphs, with shapes that either appear identical or cannot be differentiated by quick visual inspection.

An additional classification is:

HOMOGRAPH — > a word that looks the same as another word

HOMOGLIPH — > a look-alike character used to create homographs

I went back on the Registration page and Re- registered the same company with different email, I just replaced “Tommy” with “Tömmy” and guess what I became the Admin for the company “Tommy”

It was a Complete Vertical Privilege Escalation

Now I can delete the real Admin from its own Company, can download all the information which was shared among the colleagues basically completely take over the Organization.

The severity for this finding was rated as → 9.1/10

And finally was awarded with 955$ bounty :D


  • If the validations are implemented on client side it can be bypassed in multiple ways, if you try this technique and it doesn't work fine for you, try permutations and combinations like perform the visual spoofing on client side and capture the packet with burp and change back to its real form and so on.
  • I always use a Firefox plugin called “Containers” for testing IDOR’s and privilege Escalations. Try out this amazing extension.
  • Don’t give up, Consistency is very important. Be active, learn new ways and try to be creative.
  • And again THE BUGS are out THERE, HUNT THEM ALL ;)

Thank You for reading I hope this write-up proves beneficial for you all :)

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