Day 2 in Silicon Valley

I woke up at 7 AM and got ready for the day, had milk and banana as couldn't find Vega food and it has been big problem for me so far as I couldn't eat much.

Dry run

We had dry run in the woods in Menlo College. And I didn't do well as I felt I was limited because of the template which the SV.CO team gave to us.

Pitching at Silicon Valley Bank

Then we boarded our bus to the Silicon Valley Bank in Palo Alto. Once we reached the SVB at around 10 AM and stage was set for the presentations and I was among the only 7 guys who were pitching and I was kinda nervous.

We settled into our places and were waiting for Priya Rajan she is heading Global Partner for SVB, John Lee heading the early startup program and Andy the MD. Once they settled in Sanjay introduced the panel to us and John Lee gave a small presentation which explained what SVB does. After that the pitching started and the everyone including the panel was impressed with my presentation. They asked me if anyone from our team had any medical background and few other questions.

The panel was really amazing and were very interactive and they were really down to earth.

Visiting the Intel Head Quarters and Museum

Once the pitchings were over we had our lunch and headed towards the Intel head quarters in our bus. And on the way we saw the new apple building under construction.

We went to the Intel museum and Mr. Sanjit Dang who is part of the Intel Capital, explained the whole history of Intel and told what is important for a startup to succeed and the reason why intel is more successful that other companies.

We then took a tour of the Intel HQ and we even got a chance to see the cubical of CEO Intel. The work atmosphere in Intel was totally different from India, the CEO of Intel sits with others for work. Mr. Sanjit gave us a brief of Intel Capital. And we had a photo with him.

It was a dream come to tour for any engineering student or any person for that matter.

Dinner at Menlo Park

After the Intel HQ we headed for Dinner by Menlo Park at around 05.15 PM.

We were invited for the Dinner by the City of Menlo Park. There were different kinds of cuisine available for all. We interacted with the current and the former mayor of the Menlo Park and there were many people who support startups here. We had interactions and got to learn a lot from them and finally we headed back to our dorms to close our day.