This blog is not just about me but about every younger sibling in the house in India.

Right from my childhood I had a different vision for myself to what my parents had for me. I wanted to do something different, I was bored of the class were taught. I had a different way of learning which no one accepted as I didn't get good grades, but I knew I was better than most of the students out their. I was tired of being compared with other students and my sister throughout my life.

I didn't care what they had say, because I thought if I do something really big people will start listening to me. I tried grabbing every opportunity I got but I failed, I looked like a loser to everyone but I knew I was not.

Once I got into my Engineering, my grades improved and everyone was shocked as they thought I wouldn't even survive a year in it.

I got the opportunity to chase my dreams, I met Siddharth Ram of SV.CO, he guided me through lot of things. I got to learn a lot from, he is like a big brother to me who has been there for me always.

I started moving towards my vision with the help of SV.CO, I got a chance to visit Place where entrepreneurs dreams come true “Silicon Valley”. I am getting good offers from customers. Since I am in India and I am not a topper, I am still a loser for my parents no matter what I do or achieve.

I am not a loser!!

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