Bring on the Empty Horses

Not likely. No shallow promises made here. Quite simply Mindfulness can = A great New Future!

Mindfulness for me is about courage and with it there is no need to apologise for the past, denigrate the present, or fear the future.

Our minds shape our world and Mindfulness can shape how we live in that World.

Two Questions

So, let’s start this last post on Mindfulness with two questions.

‘Why have a Mindful Revolution?’ & ‘What do we need a Mindful Revolution For?’

They might sound kind of like the same question — But they’re…

Today we are looking at Coaching & Mindfulness and asking can you be a Mindful Coach?
It is something that I look at in my book ‘Uncovering Mindfulness’ too, but it is rather a big Iceberg floating in a vast ocean of thoughts, customs and practice, &, something I feel that up to now we’ve only really been touching the tip of.
This feeling was further borne out when I recently got a group of coaching practitioners together to look at Mindfulness and Coaching. They came with a wide range of experience and an even wider range of perspectives, which as you…

What Are Secret Business Mondays?
Gil Scott Heron
“Have you heard the word, Johannesburg”, was the refrain from a 1970’s protest song by Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson. I used to listen to it on Radio Caroline.
There have been many ‘Words’ since then — Calls to Arms, Signifiers, Totems, Attractors — &, one that today is creating quite a buzz, both on the streets and in Board Rooms, is Mindfulness.
It already has cult like status in the Business World and CEO’s from all sectors are calling it their new secret weapon; giving both them and their companies added potency and greater…

Questions, Questions, Questions

Is it possible to be a Mindful Leader? How can Mindfulness enhance the practice of Leadership? How can being a Mindful Leader enable you to be the best Leader you can be? Why isn’t there a book on Mindful Leadership?
All good questions and considering there have been over 78,000 books written on Leadership since John Adair’s’ seminal book in the field, ‘Training for Leadership’ in 1968, the last one really does beg the question.
In fact, there is at least one book at the moment out there that looks at Mindfulness and Leadership and that’s my own, ‘Uncovering…

Oh Crap, I forgot to be Mindful Today!
In this post in our short series dedicated to Mindfulness, we get down to the nitty-gritty and look at some Top Tips & Hacks for Mindful Living.
But firstly, some perspective.
It’s so important to never loose sight of the fact that you should never ever be too hard on yourself. Never, Ever, Ever!
Mindfulness is a goal less activity. You don’t have to search for anything and it can be OK for things to be just the way they are, with nowhere to go and nothing to do — although that might feel really counter…

Mindfulness is WD 40 for Education!
Mindfulness has been described as being WD 40 for Education — Why so?
If we take a look at what it says on the tin, perhaps we’ll find some clues. Well, WD40 ‘Stops squeaks’, ‘Drives out moisture’, ‘Cleans and protects’, ‘Loosens rusted parts’, &, ‘Frees sticky mechanisms’.

For me it’s the last two claims that in this context have the most resonance, although all have some merit.
In Chapter 5 of my book I go into the whole area of Mindfulness and Education in particular detail, but this piece today is also based on my…

Hello and welcome to today’s post, which is going to be looking at Mindfulness and its relationship with the Brain.
Mindfulness is now everywhere, from Parliament to Primary School, which is not only pretty awesome but also extremely encouraging.
But how well is it understood?
Making the complex not so complex
As I wrote in the previous newsletter, it is my intention with this short series on Mindfulness to make the complex less complex, the tough stuff not so tough and the unreachable within reach of us all; particularly as I believe that Mindfulness is within each and everyone of us to be uncovered.

So, What is Mindfulness?
Well firstly, let’s look at what it’s not:

  • It’s not sitting with your legs crossed on a mat, neither is it ‘West Coast’ soft and fluffy stuff
  • Neither is it something that is only for followers of Buddhism — In fact, Mindfulness is no more Eastern, than electricity is Western — and it’s very much a secular thing: Many religions have been influenced by it and I talk more about this in Chapter 2 of my Book ‘Uncovering Mindfulness’, but Mindfulness itself is not religious
  • It’s not trying to ban the wrong sort of thoughts
  • It’s…

Welcome the first post in a short series we call #MindfulnessForLife designed to help you Uncover Mindfulness.

We will be sharing a number of Mindful Hacks in coming weeks. These will provide highly effective shortcuts and tips that you can use to improve & introduce a real purpose into both how you live and how you work. Wherever you are. Whatever you do!

You don’t have to settle for how it is in any part of your life.

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With Mindfulness, the thing is, it’s just so simple. You don’t need any equipment or new kit. You don’t even…

Is It Harder For Women?

In my previous Blog on work-life balance or work-life integration if you’d prefer, I looked at it from a personal perspective. What it might mean for you and I in practice; what questions we would need to ask of ourselves and others, &, what changes we would undoubtedly need to make.

I also looked at some small changes we could all start to make immediately, based on the practice of Mindfulness.

In this second post on this very chunky issue, I want to look at it from the workplace, management and employer perspective; asking what is really achievable and also…

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