May 2017 is Fire Emblem Month!

A new theme every month, starting with Fire Emblem

Every month we will together walk through a theme around the video game industry so that we may more deeply explore game series, console hardware, video game accessories, game developers and lots more.

To kick off this new format we’ll be investigating Nintendo’s Fire Emblem series throughout the month of May. You can get all the latest by checking out the month’s feature page. There the content will be split into four categories (Weeks 1–4) so that you can browse the posts that appear throughout the month.

The kinds of posts will be varied depending on the theme. In general the idea is to explore the theme in depth and in unique ways. Each month will then vary, but in general you can expect related game reviews, interviews and/or other feature articles and video content. The nature of the content is not for experts in the field of the theme. It will be curated for those wanting more information about some of the specificities of the video game landscape. Crucially it’ll be a resource to help inform readers about the kinds of products out there so they may better spend their financial resources, presented in a way that’s fun and easy to digest.

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Fire Emblem Month kicks off from May 1, 2017!

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