You’ve always been kind of a brat, Fennekin. But I’m jealous of the way you’re chasing your dreams. — Lombre
Try not to eat too much. Take care. — Raticate
Ven you are feeling lonely, remember ze village. — Hippopotas
A child’s dream can’t be destoryed by adults. Best of luck to you. — Simipour
Let’s see, how can I put this? Even if you were problem children. If you work hard, maybe you won’t be so problematic. And on that note, good luck! — Watchog
Good luck. Feennekin and Swam, I believe in you! — Audino
I was quite surprised when I heard the news yesterday… I’m glad you opened up to me! Good luck! — Farfetch’d
Good luck! Follow your dreams! — Sunkern
School is important, but it’s important to go after what you want in life, too! Take good care of yourselves… and good luck! — Roselia
We have a shop in Lively Town, too. So you have nothing to worry about! Good luck! — Kecleon
Time to let these cute kids fly away on their journey! Hy-krah! — Hawlucha
Be brave and never give up! Take care! And good luck! — Kangaskhan
Go on, Fennekin. See you when you get back. Your adventurous spirit can’t be contained. If you think you’re ready, go see your dreams through to the end. — Carracosta
Good luck to you, Swam. We just happened to meet, and you came to live with me… I reckon it sure enough was fun havin’ you around, Swam. I reckon I can’t help but worry. But I’m cheerin’ for you. Take care. — Nuzleaf
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