Networking Part 1

On the weekend I created the basics of networking in my game-engine.

Technologies I use:

  • Networking lib: Vert.x
  • Protocol: UDP
  • Methodology: Server-Client

I decided to use Vert.x instead of Netty, because I don’t want to do deeper networking stuff. Vert.x is also built on the top of Netty and completely non-blocking, so it’ll be fine I think.

What you can see in the video that when I move my character, the player (client) sends it’s input (which button was down — WASD) and it’s other parameters to the server. The server receives those, calculates the new position of the player and broadcasts it to the all joined participants.

Current problems I have to solve:

  • It’s laggy somewhy, maybe because the massive amount of debug log?
  • UDP is not reliable, have to handle that

What I already solved:

  • As UDP is not reliable it may changes it’s socket. If the server receives a new command from a client and see that the address was changed, it auto updates, so in future broadcast it won’t be a problem.

Also, this is a must to read:

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