Following each quarter, the state of Ohio releases updated horizontal shale production. Unlike most states, the data is not separated by monthly volumes. The analyses included in this article are based on quarterly intervals unlike the previously published Pennsylvania 2019 natural gas review. Ohio ended the year producing 7.4 bcfd…

As the neoteric coronavirus continues to spread across the United States, the government need to address UAV regulations. Documented in several articles, including by Carrington Malin in The National, China utilized drones to help stop COVID-19 within the country. …

Baker Hughes released its weekly rig report Friday 1/24/2020. The headline numbers were:

All US Rigs 794 (-2) and US Horizontal Rigs 710 (+1).

US Horizontal Oil Rigs were 611 (+4) and have increased 27 rigs from the December 2019 low of 584.

Focusing on the US Horizontal Gas Rigs…

Dave Boyer

Mudrock Energy, LLC is a consulting company providing specialized geoscience analysis and market research across the energy industry.

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