Meetup to #Resist

The members of my meetup are highly offended by this anarchist inspiring group sending them emails. Keep politics out of our meetup groups!! They are not interested in your hateful, intolerant, biased group.

Your statement is specious: “But after Donald Trump’s order to block people on the basis of nationality and religion, a line had been crossed. At a time when core democratic ideals felt under attack, we looked at our members’ response, and were inspired by Meetups like SF Resist. We felt a duty to spark more activity and broaden civic participation.”

The 7 countries identified by the Obama administration for training and harboring terrorists was put on a 90 day freeze from entering the US until a more efficient vetting process could be initiated. It had nothing to do with religion. I didn’t see you rise up against Obama in 2011 when he banned visas from his 7 identified countries. Tell the Truth!