Identifying your life of purpose by embracing your pain.

Every success has a worse story behind it which leads to success. It is a well-known saying that No pain no Gain. This is so true because I experienced it by myself when I was at the age of 19 and doing

Everything was going at their best point. Happiness were around us and there is no pain in my life. But sudden all happiness vanished and dark clouds covered us with a huge thundering.

After a long pause I am going to reveal this painful time of my life just for the motivation to others, which is a worse part of my life when my father has left us in the darkness of this world. Every person moved their faces from us and I was sit idle and was thinking that now life will pass with the same worse time that we are suddenly facing today. Couple of the days had left in disappointment and in the darkness but one day I realized the reality of life and I read a phrase that is,

“This is not your fault if you born poor, but if you die poor that is your fault”

Then I stood up and did commitment that one day I will remove all the darkness and I will bring the sunlight for my family that will be remain forever.

The first step I took that is to do a job in Ufone Franchise against the pay of 4500 rupees only. But I did this and learned about the office work and about the official environment. Then I took toughest step in my life that to leave my home with the blessing of my mother and got job in Telenor Call canter. I did it for 1 year and save the money steadily and finally that was the first step towards the success when I got admission in Punjab University. I was eager to get success and first achievement is, in the post graduate program I did top in my university and enrolled in program. Meanwhile I was doing the job in a software house and simultaneously was doing the regular studies in university. I saw many success in my this time period and my believe build up day by day that one day I will be achieve my aims of life.

Now my master’s program will be completed soon and the time is near when all the thunder storms will be clear and there will be a new sunny day for me and for my life.

So the lesson is I got pain and then did commitment with myself that I will do all the things correct. If I never experienced the pain then I achieved no success in my life. Try to learn what the bad time is saying to you and what is the lessons that the time want to teach you.

Hope from onwad you all will be learned from worse time and do you best for the success.