Mentors are legends and legends are lessons.

Mentoring is just like a professional relationship in which in which an experienced person assist another person through share his/her knowledge, skills and give some tips to achieve their goals in future. He is a person who is giving you some directions according to your interest and through. Because when we start our new journey in case of professional life then we face a lot of barriers which we are not able enough for that particular period of time to tackle it and to get rid from these barriers. Then we need to get mentors that we can get help to sort out our problems in a better way and get a leadership and motivation. Mentor could be one person or could be more than one.

For me my 1st mentor for me is my teacher Professor A.D. Saeed of Punjab University Lahore. Whenever I faced a problem which spinning me then I went to him and discussed thoroughly, after listening he always take a pause and then smile. My all stress went out when I see his pretty reaction. He suggests me the best ways to solve my queries and eventually after this my problems removes from my life.

The 2nd person which I always seen him as a mentor that is my cousin Mr. Saadat Ali. He is a planning office in health department Punjab. He did countless efforts in his life to meet success and I always get a lot of motivations from him. So specifically for the professional life, I always discussed with him about what kind of competitions are prevailing in our market, what criteria have the employers now days for hiring and how I should be prepared to meet the challenges and etc etc. He mostly encourage me to get complete grip in my core subjects that I am doing studies so that in an interview I will not face any hurdle while asking the questions from my subjects. Secondly he always suggests me to do time management and set the priorities because he said time will is not wait for any person, It go on at his speed.

So I learned a lot of precious lessons through these two mentors’ and I apply their advices in my life as consider my 1st priority.

Please find your mentors because these are legends and legends are lessons.

See you soon.

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