Project 1: The Interested Challenge.

First of all, Amal team tells me a lot of unique and different tricks that I have never heard before.

As per project, I did contact with my friends. 1st of them is account officer in Nishat textile mills and second is planning officer in Planning and development department. The exposure that i have is very different. I did a lot of questioning and never give a feeler that I am doing some kind of activity with them. Really it’s very different and you can say difficult to some extent for me to listen someone quietly and do an immediate questions with them. At a movement then it was not easy for me to complete my talk with a question. But then I continue my conversation with them positively.

If I consider myself as an interviewer, then I felt which I want to share, the interviewer does not pay more attention on your answer for what they ask but most probably i think they just see the confidence level and how you tackle their questions without any long pause and do you got confused or not?

However, after a long time i met with my these friends and i never showed him the reason for my massive questioning and suddenly so called politeness for them:-)

I think sometimes they just play with you and just do manipulating and etc. we should not to mumbling but just do your talk in a positive way and complete your answer with your best. If you are doing in a well manner then a time will come when the interviewer will do nothing against your talk and that time he will decide about your these things that I observed through this and I share it with you.

Dale Carnegie’s book is good and based on politeness and being friendly. One thing that I observed is the theme of these pages is a well known phrase that is “Do good have good”. If you show patience to the others, if you give importance to the others and listen more instead of speaking, then ultimately you will face a marvelous results from the others. Just start to give the importance to the others then you will get the more importance and respect simultaneously.

Personally, my behavior remains always polite and calm, but I know realize and learn the best use of my this nature and will also utilize this in various productive work. So keep calm polite and stay positive then see the magic that is hidden behind this.

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